The start of a new season is always tough. It is easy to come out of the gate doing all the same things we have been doing for years. Well, if you never change you miss the opportunity to improve as well. That being said, after multiple conversations with other track officials and multiple racers as well as analyzing current track side operations I believe it is time to make a few changes.

As some of you may have noticed we began laddering the junior classes last weekend at the first Kamper Korner Bracket points race. We will do that again this weekend for race #2 and #3, we will revisit before points race #4 to determine if it is the best procedure for all involved.

I also feel that to maintain the best traction on the track as possible, a change in the run order is needed. Cars are running faster and harder than they ever have and we need to do what we can to have the optimum track conditions for all classes.

Effective this weekend for points races #2 & #3 the new run order and staging lane assignments will be as follows…

Novice Junior         lane 4

Super Junior           lane 5

Street                     lanes 6 & 7

Trophy                    lanes 8 & 9

Modified                  lanes 6 & 7

Super ET                lanes 4 & 5

Top Eliminator         lanes 8 & 9

We will use this run order this weekend to see how well it works. We will revisit/adjust if necessary for the next points race. I believe that this new run order should also allow enough time for those of you that double enter.

Points race #1 last weekend was tough to say the least. We had a 3 hour late start due to the issues with the Christmas tree. Once we were operational we ran a great race at an excellent pace. We owe a huge THANK YOU to all of you for making it to the staging lanes quickly and being ready to run. Our goal is to run like that every week and with your help we can. The sooner we get finished the less we have to worry about dew setting in on the track. Again thank you for your patience and understanding and as always if you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to contact me at