CORDOVA, Ill. — Volunteer Day at Cordova International Raceway brings the community together at one of the nation’s premier drag racing venues.


A big part of Cordova’s history, the April 14 event has racers, fans and sponsors together working towards a common goal of helping clean up the facility and getting the track ready for the season. Big projects are accomplished in a short amount of time, but, it’s also a time of friendship and fellowship.


Cordova International Raceway President Dominic Blasco is looking forward to stretching his legs and getting to work.


“Last year was my first volunteer day at the track and I was impressed with all the support we received from our CIR family,” Blasco said. “It really set us up for success in the weeks prior to our season opening.”


Volunteer Day brings a great family atmosphere to the track. Between all the machinery and heavy lifting, a tremendous amount of work is accomplished in a short amount of time. For those involved, it also shows their love for the iconic venue, which hosts the World Series of Drag Racing, the world’s longest continually running drag racing event.



“I have been participating in the Volunteer Day for over 20 years. There has always been a lot of people who come help clean and scrape the track, assemble grandstands, fix water lines and fix what needs fixing,” said Bill Leaf of Ratliff Brothers & Co., a longtime sponsor of Cordova International Raceway. “Everyone who comes has a lot of pride in how the track looks and we want this season to start off on the right foot.”


During the offseason, the staff at CIR has been hard at work making improvements to the track and promoting their newly revamped bar and grill, The Final Round. When completed, this new venture for the track will feature a pool table, dart machines, juke box and arcade games.



Improvements to the track include a new rotator, which will enhance track prep and make it easier to lay down good rubber.


On Volunteer Day, the track will open at 9 a.m, and a lunch will be provided by track president Dominic Blasco, who is famous for his great cooking.


“We are ready to get this season underway,” Blasco said. “I am looking forward to seeing all of you at Volunteer Day and to enjoy a great day of fellowship.”