Points Program


  1. Any racer may join the points program at Cordova International Raceway and can join points at any time during the season.  Points will start accumulating once they join, but for points to be retro-active a racer must sign up for points by June 5th, 2021.   A racer must be a points member to race at the Bracket Team Finals and to receive year end points fund monies.
  2. Racers may join more than one CIR Points class, but may only have/run one “X” number in one category.  You must decide by June 5th, 2021 which class that will be.
  3. In the case of Bracket Finals, each racer will only be allowed one entry into the BTF.  In the case of an unfilled roster, racers that entered more than one points class may be allowed multiple entries at BTF.  This will be determined the week before the event and on a case-by-case basis with CIR management.
  4. To join CIR points, each racer will need to fill out the Points paperwork, become an IHRA Member, and have a competition license as specified for said class as well as go through extended tech. The “X” number is MANDATORY for 2021. There is no fee associated with joining the CIR Points Program for 2021.
  5. This includes Top Eliminator, Modified, Sportsman and Juniors.
  6. A racer earns points – 10 pts for entering, 10 pts for each round win, 5pts per round win if you win the bye back, as well as the winner of each race will earn 2 additional points and the runner-up will earn 1 additional point.
  7. BONUS POINTS: Sunday points day, August 29th, 2021, will be 20 points to enter, 11 points per round win , 5pts per round win if you win the bye back, as well as the winner of each race will earn 2 additional points and the runner-up will earn 1 additional point.
  8. No Team drivers allowed.
  9. You may not transfer points between classes.
  10. The points go with the Driver and his/her number.  We do not care what vehicle you drive in your class so long as you have your correct number displayed legible on the entry and the entry is class legal.  Please make sure your tech card is filled out completely to track points properly.  You cannot change vehicles once eliminations have started.
  11. If you have any questions about your points please contact the office as soon as you have a question.  We try to get them posted on the website by Wednesday following points races. A 14-day grace period will be given to racers to object to the points awarded after that 14-day period, the points stand as is.

Summit Super Series (SSS) “X” Numbers for World Finals and Bracket Finals

The CIR Points Class Track Champions in Top ET, Modified and Super Junior will all advance straight to Memphis, TN on October 14th – 16th, 2021 to compete in the SSS Race at the World Finals!  To be eligible to advance to the World Finals to participate in the SSS race, you MUST have an “X” number with which you have been racing all year long.  All “X” participants must have their “X” number paid for and registered by May 1st, 2021.  If the Class Champion does not have an “X” number, then the next-in-line order will be determined by:

  1. The number two points position will advance to Memphis if they have an “X” number.
  2. If the number two points position does not have an “X” number, then the number three points position with an “X” number will advance to Memphis.  etc, etc.

If you do not qualify to participate in the SSS at the World Finals by winning your class through the CIR Points program, you still have a chance to qualify by racing and winning your class at the BTF.  Each class winner with an “X” number at BTF will also advance to the SSS Race at the World Finals in Memphis.  Each track has the potential to send six racers to Memphis!

To Sign Up for a Summit Super Series “X” Number: 

First visit http://ihra.com/superseries-home for more information on the Summit Super Series.  Once you decide to participate, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Make sure your IHRA license is current and you have a valid “X” number when signing up. You DO NOT have an “X” number or NOT a Member of IHRA you will sign up when entering points for 2021.
  2. Enter the CIR points program in Top, Mod or Super Junior. There will be no run-off between Super Junior and Novice Junior to determine who will represent CIR for the SSS race at the World Finals.

Points Membership Program – Bracket Team Finals (BTF)
Points will be awarded to members in Top Eliminator, Modified, Sportsman, and Junior Dragster classes. 1 team of 40 entries will represent CIR at the 2021 IHRA Summit Team Bracket Finals at Eddyville Raceway Par on Sept 10-12, 2021. The points standings through August 7th, 2021 will determine the qualifiers for the team. The team composition will be determined from memberships on a per class basis. **New for 2021** YOU MUST BE AN IHRA MEMBER AND HAVE AN “X” NUMBER! You MUST HAVE an “X” number to race at BTF and YOU MUST HAVE a current IHRA license/membership. Since there is no charge for the points program, you will have to pay your own entry at BTF.